Judith Lee Arny – PEPAKEN HAUTW Project Director, LLab WSANEC Coordinator

Morgan Black UVic
Morgan Black – Science Coordinator.

Chelsea Bonhert – Education and Curriculum Advisor



Tiffany Joseph – WSANEC – PEPAKEN HAUTW / SNIDCEL Restoration Coordinator

Darlene Joseph – Songhees Living Lab Coordinator / LLab Administration

Maeve Lydon – Living Lab Program Director


Talen Rimmer – EcoScience Education Coordinator.

Knowledge Keeper / Elder Liaison:

Earl Claxton Jr. –  Tsawout Nation/WSANEC Educator

Butch Dick – SONGHEES Nation

Academic Leads:

Nick Claxton – TSAWOUT First Nation Chief and UVic Assistant Professor Child and Youth Care – Principal Academic Indigenous Lead for Living Lab and Aboriginal Service Plan Funding

John Taylor 

John Taylor – UVic Professor of Biology – Principal  Academic Science Lead for the Living Lab’s (National Science and Engineering Research Council’s – NSERC  funded) Promo Science Program

Steering Committee:

Florence Dick – Songhees Nation – Capital Regional District (CRD) Liaison

Dorothea Harris – UVic Office of Indigenous and Academic Community Engagement – Indigenous Initiatives Coordinator

Eric Kelch – Capital Region District Community Engagement Coordinator

Francine L’Hirondelle – Songhees Nation Director of Education Services

John Lutz – UVic History – Professor and Chair

Rhianna Nagel – UVic Community Engaged Learning Coordinator (CEL)

Jean Paul Restoule – UVic Indigenous Education – Professor and Chair

Kathy Sanford –  UVic Education – Professor

Tye Swallow – WSANEC School Board, Director of Adult Education

Partner Advisory:

Yogi Carolsfield – World Fisheries Trust- Executive Director

Charlotte Charlie – Songhees Academic Youth Leadership Coordinator

Darcy Mathews – UVic Environmental Studies Professor

Tricia Roche – Faculty of Human and Social Development Development Officer

Melisa Ystrau – Science Venture – Executive Director

Paul Petrie – Pender Island Community – TETACES Climate Action Project


NSERC PromoScience

BC Government

Horner Foundation