Ellie Dion

Songhees Nation Education Liaison

I am grateful to be part of the Songhees Nation Education Team as the new Education Liaison. My name is Ellie Dion; I’m Quebecoise and grew up in Wabanaki Territories. My spouse is Lkwungen, Quw’utsun and Lummi, part of the Albany on Songhees with ties into the Williams and the Thomas.

I majored in Film Production and Political Science at Concordia University in Mohawk Territories, Iroquois Nations. Both my education and life experience became key in developing my media company Trickster Productions where I facilitate programs and the use of media to create community-driven awareness projects throughout Indigenous communities on south Island, the school district, through IED and VNFC. This process has always been guided by mentors, Elders and knowledge-keepers who are very generous with me. I am excited to be allowed to contribute to Songhees Education as an education liaison to Living Lab. I look forward to working with dedication, with all of you, for Songhees students, families, Chief & Council, and Elders.