PARKS CANADA – Sea Gardens Project Manager

My name is Erich Kelch, and I was born in Lekwungen territory/Victoria and now live on PKAALS/Mt. Tolmie/District of Saanich. I am of German and English descent and feel connected to the people and landscape of Vancouver Island. My work has spanned all levels of government, non-profits and private industry. I recently moved from the CRD to Parks Canada to help manage the Sea Gardens Project.

I am passionate about understanding the history of this place and working on our responsibilities to each other and mother earth to leave a vibrant home for future generations. While I am very concerned about the trends we are seeing, I choose to be motivated by hope and the belief that we can do great things by working together.

For this reason, I want to be connected to the Living Lab project, where culture, science, conservation and people overlap. I get excited by learning, sharing and growing through Living Lab. This network can play a significant role in this community.