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Community-based activities, programs and research are a key component of the Living Lab Project. Through a number of partners within the CRD, we prioritize local community-based projects to inform and guide all aspects of our work.


We collaborate with local teachers, traditional knowledge holders and researchers to facilitate educational events for youth in the CRD public school system.


We are grateful to be situated on the Salish Sea, which is integral to the cultural heritage and environmental health of our region. Here are some of projects that have taken place on the ocean.


On the land, we are engaged in a number of activities involving traditional foods, agriculture, education and more!

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UVic Living Lab Project lab analysis
UVic Living Lab Project lab analysis

Big Canoe Program

Living Lab provides enrichment to the Big Canoe Program, a place-based learning program at Shoreline middle school. The program allows middle school youth (grades 6-8) to learn about the importance of the Gorge waterway on traditional Lekwungen…

Coles Bay Project – W̱SÁNEĆ Territory

Project overview: The W̱SÁNEĆ community are now unable to harvest shellfish in much of their home territory. They have, for many years, voiced their concern about the continued degradation of the marine habitat, the effects on their food…
UVic Living Lab Project water testing

Talen Tests The Waters From Bowker Creek

During River's Day (Sept. 22, 2019) Talen, with help from some Oak Bay High students and Biology Teacher, Mr. Derek Shrubsol, collected some water from Bowker Creek. At UVic, the water was filtered and then the filter paper placed on media that…
UVic Living Lab Project field work

Darlene spends the day at tl’ches

Darlene took this photo yesterday (Oct. 1, 2019). We think it is a spotted ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei). They are more closely related to sharks than fish. The Wiki page reports that they move closer to shore in the spring and fall, but can…
UVic Living Lab Project lab analysis

SAYL in the University of Victoria’s Biology Lab with Dr John Taylor and Matt Miller

The University of Victoria - Biology Lab with Matt Miller and John Taylor. After we collected sand and water samples from Cadboro Bay, we brought them to the University of Victoria's biology lab to be analyzed.  We had a special guest drop…