Schools join Network

As part of a Promo-Science funded project focused on bridging eco-cultural restoration and outdoor learning with science education, piloted in School District #61 (Victoria), Kathy Sanford (Faculty of Education Professor) and Tracey Murphy, (Ph.D. student / high school teacher) are creating a Living Lab schools team and network hub.

They met on October 7th on campus to connect for the first time face-to-face with LLab campus team members and to vision and plan priorities. Read more about this event from Tracey Murphy, here.

Youth participation, planning for the Eco-Stewards Program 2022

We are also supporting a new Living Lab Youth Team and Network hub with youth from the Summer 2021 Program.

Youth will directly participate in Living Lab’s planning (especially schools and restoration activities) to create monthly activities and outdoor adventures, liaise with the schools and restoration programming and plan the next Summer 2022 Eco-Stewards program.

Youth from this year’s Living Lab summer Eco-Stewards program will be presenting at the Communities to Classrooms (C2C) provincial conference for educators taking place on October 22-23. The theme of this year’s conference is “Listening to the Land, Giving Voice to the Sea: Stories to Nourish Hope and Resiliency” keynoted by Dr. Lorna Williams and Gloria Snively.

The youth portion of the plenary will focus on their experiences during the summer through a lens of healing and restoration, stewardship of lands and waters, community, and relationship.

We are all excited to hear from these inspiring youth and proud of them for stepping into this leadership role.