SAYL in the University of Victoria’s Biology Lab with Dr John Taylor and Matt Miller

UVic Living Lab Project lab analysis
The University of Victoria – Biology Lab with Matt Miller and John Taylor.

After we collected sand and water samples from Cadboro Bay, we brought them to the University of Victoria’s biology lab to be analyzed.  We had a special guest drop by to share some zooplankton for our youth to study.


Matt Miller showing our youth some of the equipment they’ll be using.  He walked them through the entire process of preparing the saline solution, micro-filtering the samples, preparing the slides and setting up the micro-scope.







Eugene Sam and Cynthia Sam preparing their saline solution to separate the components in the samples.









Eugene filtering the water sample to see if there are micro-plastics present in the sample.









Rylan Pelkey preparing his sample for testing the presence of micro-plastics.

He is filtering his saline solution to isolate his sample so he can view it under the compound microscope.







Linda-Jane Fisher isolating her sample for lab work.









It was great to have one of our Songhees parents watch what our youth group do with our Living Science Lab work.  Lily-belle Louie joined us for a part of the day.  Her son Logan was the youngest member joining us for this 2-day UVic-SAYL Science Camp.







Matt Miller and Logan Louie doing lab work. Logan joined us for the 2-day science camp.  It was amazing seeing him fully engage with all our teachers.








Angelina Sam at UVIC’s biology lab.










Cynthia Sam in UVIC’s biology lab.










Rayn Cook-Thomas viewing samples under a compound microscope.









Matt Miller’s presentation on microplastics.




















Type 2: Secondary Microplastics










Way that microplastics end up in the ocean










Chemical impacts of microplastics










Sample of one of the microplastics found in our water or sand sample from Cadboro Bay.









Visiting biology professor Dr. Inigo Novales-Flamarique from Simon Fraser teaching our youth about photosynthesis









Phoenix Clark looking at some zooplankton under the microscope.









Matt Miller and Maeve Lydon introducing the youth to zooplankton.








Songhees Youth and UVIC team in the biology lab.