Local History with Nick Claxton and John Lutz

UVic Living Lab Project students
Local History with Dr John Lutz and Dr Nick Claxton.

John showed the youth historical maps.  He talked about the importance of maps and our right to fight for our traditional food systems. Nick taught us about the importance of bringing back our traditional foods practices. He spoke of how his community brought back an ancient fishing practice.  Both John and Nick gave some historical background to the treaty process.


Dr John Lutz introducing the youth the historical maps and treaty.









Cynthia Sam, Angelina Sam, Linda-Jane Fisher & Logan Louie studying maps with John and group.









Logan Louie, Rayn Cook-Thomas and Phoenix Clark studying old maps of the City of Victoria.





















Dr. Nick Claxton telling the Songhees youth why he chose to focus on the reef net fisheries.

He learned all he could from his elders and focussed all his studies on bringing back the reef net fishing techniques.
















Nick Claxton done some intensive work with his community to prepare for the work his elders wanted from him – bring back the reef net fisheries.










Not only did Nick focus all his work on the reef net fishing, he worked very hard to bring back oral history and teachings from his elders.

















Excellent presentation by Nick Claxton on reef net fisheries.