W̱SÁNEĆ youth with SXOLE Reefnet Project, Summer 2021

Desiree Jones, from the Pauquachin Nation is a Living Lab Research and Program Assistant with the Indigenous Resurgence in the Salish Sea Research Project.

Below is an excerpt from her experience this past summer:

“As a W̱SÁNEĆ woman who got to participate in the opportunity to bring Reef net fishing back into our community, I feel it is a great form of resurgence to bring this back to our people.

Being a part of the Reef net Project the last two years with other youth from the communities proves that; it brought together the community and gave youth the opportunity to learn this knowledge so we can pass it onto future generations, and continue on bringing it back to our communities what was almost once lost due to colonization.

Bringing back the SXOLE (Reef net fishing) is more than just revitalization for our people, it is a part of our identity and gives the youth an opportunity to reconnect to who we are as Saltwater people and creates a new foundation towards a part of our reconciliation.

Seeing how this project has positively impacted the youth who participated over the years has inspired me to keep working within the communities alongside the youth to assist in helping the communities reconnect to who we are as a people and create a safe and supportive place for the youth to be able to do so to continue on the path of healing, resurgence, and reconciliation for the communities, and future generations to come.”

Reef Net Project Resources: