Songhees Academic Youth Leadership Collecting Sand & Water Samples at Cadboro Bay

UVic Living Lab Project lab fun
Songhees Academic Youth Leadership had a 2-day Science Camp at the University of Victoria.  Dr. John Taylor lined up a bunch of amazing mini-workshops for our youth.

SAYL working with the University of Victoria to collect sand and water samples to do lab work with Matt Miller and Dr. John Taylor.   We started the morning learning from Dr. Richard Dewey taught our youth about the relationships between the tides and the moon and how that affects our food systems.  Then we met with Matt Miller and Dr. John Taylor to start collecting water and sand samples to test for micro-plastics.  After we collected our samples we went back to the University of Victoria to use their Biology Lab. Here we were able to prepare our samples for lab work.


We began our day on the beaches of Cadboro Bay.

Dr Richard Dewey from Ocean Science Network taught SAYL about how the tides are affected by the moon.







Maeve Lydon watches over the presentation with Dr. Richard Dewey with some Songhees Youth – Phoenix Clark, Rylan Pelkey and Rayn Cook-Thomas.








Songhees youth collecting sand samples at various distances from the shoreline at Cadboro Bay. We will take these samples back to the UVIC Biology Lab to test for micro-plastics.








Angelina Sam and Linda-Jane Fisher labelling sand samples to bring back to the biology lab to test for micro-plastics.









Dr. John Taylor and Maeve Lydon have been very instrumental with assisting Songhees Academic Youth Leadership with their studies on the land.








Matt Miller is suiting Cynthia Sam up for collecting water samples in Cadboro Bay.









Cynthia Sam and Matt Miller collecting water samples in Cadboro Bay for testing of micro-plastics.









Angelina Sam collecting water samples with Matt Miller in Cadboro Bay.  Different parts of the bay were gathered.









Angelina and Matt bringing in some water samples.









Angelina Sam collecting the water sample with Matt Miller from UVic.









Eugene Sam supervising all the the proceedings of the Songhees Academic Youth Leadership – Living Science Lab.