A Day in the Sun on T’liches with Songhees Community and UVIC staff

UVic Living Lab Project learning

Each year, Songhees Academic Youth Leadership goes to our islands to do some historical, biological and anthropological work with Songhees and UVIC experts.


Standing around an ancient longhouse foundation with Songhees youth, researchers and Songhees knowledge holders. 

Morgan Black shared so much of what she’s learned in her studies. The youth greatly appreciated learning all that she has to share.

Jordan Dick, Frankie Taylor and Lyle Henry taking in all they can in our outdoor classroom.




Learning about traditional foods, native plants, and invasive species from knowledge keeper Cheryl Bryce.

The youth greatly appreciate all the stories and knowledge Cheryl shares with the group.







Archaeologist Darcy Mathews sharing his passion about Tl’iches amazing capacity as a classroom.










Songhees youth and elder overlooking what was very likely a traditional reef net fishing area














Songhees Youth listening to Darcy Matthews and Cheryl Bryce talk about our history and culture.


















Seining with Morgan Black from the University of Victoria.











Cynthia Sam seining for marine species.










Linda-Jane Fisher seining for marine species.










Phoenix Clark seining for marine species.










Frankie Taylor and Jordan Dick seining.  It was super fun watching the youth out in the water.









Jordan Dick dragging the net along the bottom to catch some marine species.










Chief Ron Sam, Kathleen Bryce and son Ethan Sam enjoying their time on the island with our youth and UVIC staff.










penpoint gunnel











shiner perch






























aggregating anemone










Chief Ron Sam and family leaving back to the mainland.  It was such an honour to have him join our youth on this trip.