Living Lab organizes campus and community – public events throughout the year with local partners.

Upcoming: Spring 2020 events are being postponed due to the COVID -19 emergency. We plan – hope to get back in gear for Summer 2019 and start some on-line activities as well.

March  2020 

IdeasFest March 3, 2020 – The Land is Our Classroom – Nick Claxton co-presented with  Sarah Wright Cardinal and Songhees-Pacheedaht communities. the

January 2020 

Living Lab presented at the Rising Tides Climate Justice and Indigenous Food Sovereignty Conference held by UVic’s CIRCLE on January 23 and 24th, 2020.

PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱- Living Lab  Powerpoint Presentation (presented by Judith Arney and Earl Claxton)

Songhees Academic Youth Leadership – Living Lab  PPT Presentation (presented by Charlotte Charlie and Cynthia Sam)


Living Lab 

Living Lab Brochure – 22 March 2020

Living Lab Inventory (2019)

ȾIKEL: A W̱SÁNEĆ Restoration Project – 2018-2021 

Songhees Youth Trip Report (2019)

Songhees Living Science Lab Report (2019)

Songhees Living Science Lab Report (2018)


Whose Land is it? –  Feb 2020 BC Studies article by John Price and Nick Claxton

Partner Links / Resources 

Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (UVic) Website

World Fisheries Trust Website

PEPAKEN HAUT’W Foundation Website

WSANEC School Board Website

Songhees Nation Website

Community Water Lab

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