Tl’Ches (Little Chatham Is) 2018

An incredible and unforgettable day.  Standing in the circle around an ancient longhouse foundation with Elder Lyall, whose direct ancestors lived on the Islands, sharing his knowledge with the youth. Having Chief Ron Sam and his family,  Cheryl Bryce, Charlotte Charlie, and other Songhees Nation members, and guests together on the land supporting each other created … Continue reading Tl’Ches (Little Chatham Is) 2018

Tl’Ches (Little Chatham Is) 2017

Songhees Academic Youth Leadership

On July 6, we took a trip to THLCHESS (Chatham) Island, part of the ancestral territory of the Songhees, and learned about some of the histories of life there. We collected water samples for the lab, learned about map coordinates and scientific data collection, and examined some marine animals. For many of us, including Songhees … Continue reading Tl’Ches (Little Chatham Is) 2017