Our second Living Lab trip of the summer was June 13. We went to a restored section of Bowker Creek next to Oak Bay High and learned about water testing, stream restoration, and biodiversity sampling. We gathered samples and identified organisms with the help of microscopes.

Testing water quality and restoration with stream biodiversity at Bowker Creek with Oak Bay High School
Water quality is an important indicator of ecosystem health. On our trip, students were able to collect water samples from Bowker Creek, and see the impacts of restoration efforts on the stream
Ecocultural learning of water quality and restored stream biodiversity with Oak Bay High School, Songhees Nation and UVic University of Victoria, on traditional Lekwungen territory
So what’s actually in our water? To learn about the microscopic biodiversity we don’t often think about, Oak Bay High School students looked at water samples from KOHWEECHELLA (Bowker Creek) under a high-powered microscope
Living Lab coordinators teaching water quality to Oak Bay students on traditional Lekwungen territory, Bowker Creek
Morgan Black, one of our Living Lab coordinators, spoke to Oak Bay students about the importance of water quality in the Bowker Creek area
Testing water quality in Bowker Creek traditional Lekwungen territory. UVic Biology and Songhees nation collaborating for ecocultural learning of Oak Bay high school
In order to get a better idea of ecosystem health in Bowker Creek, our Living Lab team showed students a number of techniques that can be used.

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